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Terms and Conditions

You must read the Terms and Conditions ("terms") before using Raptware.com ("www.raptware.com","the site","the page", "the portal") operated by Raptware ® ("Raptware", "us", "we", "our").
By navigating this site you agree with our terms and conditions.
These Terms are subject to change without prior notice.
If you don't agree with these terms and conditions please leave the site.

Intellectual Property

All copyrights, trade marks, design rights, patents and other intellectual rights (registered and unregistered) in and on Raptware.com services and Raptware.com content belongs to Raptware “ and/or third parties (which may include you or other users). Raptware reserves all of the rights in Raptware.com content and Raptware.com services. Nothing in the terms grant you a right or license to use any trade mark, design right or copyright owned or controlled by Raptware or any other third party except as expressly provided in the terms.

Governing Law

Raptware operates at Mexico and all the current laws of this country apply to our services and content. Mexico has some treaties and international conventions with many nations, these conventions and treaties are respected on Raptware.com content and services.
Our site is hosted on United States servers, but since we don't operate on that country only International laws and conventions between these countries will apply to United Stated residents.

Raptware is not responsible for any action or violation of your rights or the laws performed by any user or third party of this site.

Raptware.com does not provide virus or any illegal content.

Third Parties

Third Parties are all those that provide graphics, activities, links and any other services that are not provided by Raptware. Raptware is not responsible for any content that third parties provide. Users are able to share links to third parties sites, the content from these sites aren't either responsibility of Raptware or Raptware.com by any mean.

Users and Members

Users are all those that visit and use this site and/or Raptware.com services, by navigating this site you agree to be an User and to respect these terms and conditions.

Members are those users that using one of our supported social networks have an account or are in use of our services and/or content, The sported social networks are: Facebook, Raptware.

Messages, links and contents published by any User are responsibility of the user himself/herself.

Raptware is not responsible of any data lost or malfunction that you, your electronic dispositive or your account may have in and on the use of Raptware.com content and Raptware.com services.

Users agree that any wrong behavior using this Site or any of Raptware.com content and/or Raptware.com service may result in the termination of him/her account(s). Users can always link his/her accounts.

User is able to unsubscribe from Raptware.com content and Raptware.com services.

Raptware.com content doesn't storage any of our users age or birthday, Parents are responsable for what their kids are watching and sharing. Some of Raptware.com services ask users for their age in order to comply with some countries' kids protections laws such data is stored locally on user's side and is shared to our services.

Newsletters and Mailing List

The Newsletters are subject to subscription, users are able to join and leave newsletters at anytime, an account is not needed to do this.

Our default newsletter contains news about our products and services, but each newsletter subscription will inform the user its content.

Mailing list is for marketing use, Raptware store our users emails to have a way to contact, we use this mailing list to sent each user the newsletters they are subscribed, for members Raptware may send offers, notices, rewards or any other content on the behalf of Raptware.com services and Raptware.com content.

To unsubscribe for mailing list a link is provided, members cannot unsubscribe from our mailing list unless he/she closes his/her account or accounts.

Last Updated in December 15, 2015.